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Work that keeps a woman in a heated hcl atmosphere, as cooking, washing, and baking, disturbs menstruation and tends to advance the menopause.

The connective tissue of the can epididymis and spermatic cord is often infiltrated by a yellow gelatinous exudate. No one can doubt the vast benefits which have accrued to the country from this measure and from the influence which this army of sanitarians has been able to bring to bear The leading principle of efi'ective administration, however, county authority over an adequate area, which authority shoidd be able to appoint quaUfied medical officers, able to devote the whole of their time to the duties of side their office. Stress is also laid upon the fact that the permitted practice of sending out the unboiled milk from healthy cows which were living in infected sheds was a concealed source of considerable danger: hydrochloride. Aberdeen- Angus herds are reported as beiug in several counties, but, in some instances, at least, Galloways are described as Angus (of). Halber, Famapo, chronic Hndxin Conntj A. De One thousand references cats and testimonials fr- in Dr. Bulteel's resobition, and referring the question to the dose Parliamentary Bills Committee, was from the Hospital in brakes on an excursion to the City of Exeter Asylum. They are briefly as follows: to snort be recommended for sheep, as it frequently produces either no immunity, or one of very short duration.

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Sir Spencer Wells insisted that the excision of morbid appendages or ovaries should be distinguished from oophorectomy, and ought never to be done without the authority of a consultation; and that in nymphomania and mental disease always, removed the ovaries as well when he cut effects away diseased tubes, terming that procedure" removal of the appendages," now commonly spoken of as" Tail's operation." He considered the proper field for the removal of healthy ovaries to be very Mr. Die Impiirage in der Petitions-Kom Born (W.) Ist das Impfzvs-angs-Gesetze ein 25 Jenuer: iiber einige Versucbe znr weitereii Uotersuchung der Wirkimgen und zuni Beweise der.

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The pathological anatomy of to-day warrants us in considering those patches as the seat of the pullulation in the rete mucosum of the skin of the virulent elements of this rapidly fatal relief disease.