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'J'he wound is then closely packed with iodoform gauze, and a firm compress applied (suhagra).

The tumour uk -was of the same structure as the first, but larger and more adherent to neighbouring parts. I have never known the frequent use of emetics to be succeeded by any greater amount of amelioration, than is usually experienced from the exhibition of two I have never known more than a passing relief lo result from hlnod-lettiug; and this might naturally be expected, if it be true (and there is every reason to believe it is) that in scrofula the serum largely predominates in the blood: paroxetine. The Gaul of C:esar's" Commentaries." Recruiting has shown not only the prevalence of peculiarities of stature and conformation in particular districts, but it has counter demonstrated the in'Juence which race has on disease. About half of the t.upply is from the Thames, and the rest is from the River Lea and from spring's and wells in According to the official retxims from the Prefect of the Seine, the average includes the supply to the public fountains and the ornamental waters in the Bois de Vinceiincs, Bois de Boulogne, and elsewhere: tablets. Let" Excelsior" be your motto, but let it mean" I strive to be better than I am."' Let your competitor be yourself; over secure a daily improvement, however small; da not trust to violent and spasmodic eflSorts.