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On examination the abdomen was found to be prominent in the left iliac region, and a tumour could be felt occupying the pelvis, chiefly on the left side, its upper limit reaching one inch above the umbilicus and seven inches above the pubes (generic). In this interview with David Woods (which was published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal of April permission, in its entirety), Fletcher comments to on the similarities and differences between American and Canadian medicine, and he suggests some reasons why he is likely to continue his CMAJ: Why did you seek opportunities in medicine in the United States? Fletcher: When I was completing my ophthalmology residency I wanted to do subspecialty training and, strictly out of force of numbers, I looked to the United States since there are far more openings available there than in CMAJ: Given that there is an impending glut of physicians in the United States, did you find Americans viewed physicians coming in from, say, Canada, with some concern? go back to Canada.


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