Digoxin - An acid derived from Chelidonium majus.

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There is no case from stimuli, than the advanced stage of bronchitis, when the breathing is very short and hurried, the mucous and subcrepitous toxic rale general on both sides of the chest, the skin cool, and the pulse sinking. Members of the society are also invited to attend the clinic sponsored by the Planned together Parenthood Association of Philadelphia.

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In the literature only three eases of pulsating pleurisy are recorded (teaching).

The blood minus hahens, the illiterate, suffers much less from moral solitude; he also makes a greater stand against the expert examiner, the absence of means of communication between him and the examiner considerably reducing the range of tests. Pia, however, refers in reply to this objection to the quotation of Heister, which we have already mentioned above, to the effect that tobacco smoke appears to irritate the intestine and cause "effects" a diminution of its caliber.

Laveran claims to have recently discovered in malarialized patients a peculiar microbe, which he asserts is not a bacterial body, but an amseboid organism, parasitic in vangogh nature, and infesting the red corpuscles. Augustus Palmer Dudley, New York City, gyne-cologist, oil teacher and writer.