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Assuming the earth to be the centre of the world, then, wherever it may be, or wheresoever it may be carried by its animal faculty, heavy bodies will always incline towards vs its centre. The bill provides for the creation of a board of medical supervisors composed of the presidents of three boards of medical examiners (regular, homeopathic, and eclectic), of five members each, and two members to be appointed by the Commissioners of the District, and in most respects conforms does to similar laws already in force. Of - the most common form of intra-abdominal hemorrhage is that resulting from ruptured extra-uterine pregnancy.

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A series of tongue strokes followed by passive expiration may provide adequate ventilation and may enable a patient with no breathing ability to be free of respiratory PRESENT STATUS OF GAMMA GLOBULIN The extensive use of gamma globulin during the past three polio seasons has adequately demonstrated that the recommended doses of this agent have failed to protect a significant number of susceptible individuals from paralytic polio myelitis (pm).