Duetact - An adequate explanation of these referred pains cannot be given at the present time (Schaefer).

This part of the instrument is applied directly to the transverse dilatation of the month of the vagina (prescribing).

I kept the intestines partially covered with two and one-half per cent solution of carbolized warm water, then cleaned the insert whole with the same solution. A diet, bland and nutritious, consisting of the articles of food which experimental trials, in each case, show to be best borne, taken in quantities and at intervals to be determined also by trial; remedies to relieve pain and quiet the irritability of the stomach; avoidance of cathartics and any measures which impair the vital powers these are the points to be kept in view in the management of this distressing and hopeless affection. During the course of typhoid fever, at the end of the third week, an enema was given and the patient was suddenly taken with violent pain in the right iliac fossa, followed by collapse, quick, weak pulse, low temperature buy and vomiting; in short, with symptoms that admit of but one interpretation.

In cases of non-inflammatory softening, neither recovery from the paralysis nor improvement is to be looked for. The stomach, aside from its office as a receptacle of the ingesta, is to be regarded as a glandular organ, furnishing daily a large quantity of an important secretion the gastric juice. The Journal of Laryngology, Rhinology and Otology, and various monographs by different These wells, two in number, are situated two and onehalf miles from Greenville, mechanism a pleasant little town of about Nashville Railroad, forty-four miles south of Montgomery. The upper jaw, a, is in the form of a cj'lindcr, and is slightly grooved. Pronunciation - we have already noticed that accoucheurs and midwives often contract syphilis in their calling, and numerous instances are on communicated syphilis to more than fiftj' women, were infected with syphilis, and very recently thirty married women, nine hu.sbands, and two SYPHILIS AS A NON-VENEREAL DISEASE. It is also seen that the Ij'inphatics as thej' grow out to the peripliery are in a close- meshed network, the ends of the tubes "of" forming the network ending blindly, and the formation of a connectivetissue capsule around the outside.

A good equipment in hand skill, along with brains and education, lifts the few above the many generic moderately competent. Adhesions between sac and contents are separated with the fingers. It has been shown that as much as dosage sixty-eight per cent, of the amount given is excreted by the kidneys, and during its passage it is mildly diuretic and exerts an anodyne and germicidal action. It is generally a subacute affection at the beginning, and is de veloped imperceptibly, so that, in most cases, when they first come under medical observation, there is reason to suppose it has existed for a considi-iMble period. Witli retroversion it is less common than with retroflexion (effects). The two former of these affections were formerly, doubtless, not infrequently confounded with hepatitis; but, with our present knowledge of physical signs, they are readily excluded.

The injection is made three times at the first sitting, the first vs two injections being allowed to run out and the last one retained. Below the liirds the lymphatic glands are absent, their fine action vascular rete or networks into which the vessels break up in their course (Owen has described mesenteric glands in the crocodile). No package such remedy exists, or will ever be discovered. Hyperaesthesia of the surface of the body is, in certain cases, a marked symptom, rendering the slightest contact a source of suffering. Tent or previously diagnosticated affection of the In cases of puerperal insanity where a diseased condition of the heart was certainly known to exist, the cardiac affection, so far as I can judge from the literature, has never been given any importance in connection with the coincident puerperal psychosis.


Very little need be done for a case of side simple, uneomiilicated measles. G., for occupation neuroses,"writer's cramp," or the jiainful states in joints variously caused and diversely labelled, or to overcome byeffects of traumata, the milder forms tablet of neuritis, sciatica, Hints as to Hoiv Passive Movements Should Be be given are justified. But what interests us most in a practical point of view at present is the application of chromatic spectrum analysis to physiological and pathological research, and in the discovery of the chemical and physiological nature, of organic and other coloring information matters by the recognition of their spectral phenomena. He expects to return to Montreal in September next, when he will commence active A New Dean for the Northwestern Medical dean of the Medical School of the Northwestern formerly secretary of the faculty, has been elected the secretaryship made vacant by the promotion of American Medical Association at the St. A lesion of the spinal cord, in order to give rise to hemiplegic paralysis, must be limited to an antero-lateral quarter of the cord.

The time for reading the paper having expired before its reading was completed, a motion to permit its completion was A motion to receive and refer also manufacturer prevailed.

Prognosis depends on the degree of trouble.

Iiiili n'nres, are principally concentrated around the arch of the aorta and the roots of the great blood-vessels: metformin.

Walker to be equal to that of the Cornus Florida, and but little inferior to the common pale Peruvian Bark in the treatment of intermittents.