Duetact - When in the middle fossa the symptoms are chiefly those of involvement of the third and fifth nerve, consisting of ptosis and other oculo-motor symptoms and facial neuralgia.

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An Analysis of Sixty -tic o Cases of Enteric Fever by William M. Elective operative procedures will be done under supervision of a member It was suggested that deans of medical schools in New York State should be interviewed as to their opinion on further education of general practitioners, including the instruction and training of medical students for general practice, as well as postgraduate education programs sponsored bv medical schools. Mechanism - the most satisfactory treatment has been rest in the horizontal position and the application of a plaster jacket, immobilizing the spine as nearly as possible, or plaster may be used as a model and a leather jacket, laced in front, prove more convenient. During his stay in Berlin he came under the instruction of Johannes MuUer and Remak from whom he acquired the rudiments of anatomy and embryology which pronunciation later he developed in such remarkable degree. The value of the double drain is made apparent when tablet it becomes necessary to irrigate the pleural cavity. When in the middle fossa the symptoms are chiefly those of involvement of the third and fifth nerve, consisting of ptosis and other oculo-motor symptoms and facial neuralgia: duetact. A tent was inserted, and poultices ordered.