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Somewhat recently I examined the history of about six hundred operative cases thus treated in my private hospital with the result of less Dr (mg). If the patient survives the first few days, partial recovery from the paralysis may "dogs" occur. 50 - but'to-day the details of an operation are fully differentiated.

The hcl case was not so far advanced as ours, but in the association of its symptoms closely resembled it. The few cases of and myxoedema seen by the writer resembled forms of cretinism. When the patient returns to consciousness, it may be found that there is loss of power in an arm or leg, or upon one side of the body, with or without loss tablets of sensation. Prostatitis, inflammation of the seminal vesicles and considerable tumefaction of the left spermatic "does" cord. The urethra lies in the center or a little in front of the prostate, with a few longitudinal bundles of of non-striated muscular fibre around it.


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