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The care of the normal camera scalp, including the use of hair preparations, constitutes an informative chapter. With an ordinary rubber-headed lead pencil, grasped about the middle between the thumb and first two fingers and held vertically, eraser down, the skin is struck a series of medium-firm quick strokes and ion quickly released, about four to the second, beginning two or three inches outside the supposed margin of the heart and moving toward that organ. Thus the urine in gonorrhoea and the sputimi in acute pneumonia are not dangerous sources of infection (build). In trinitrotoluene poisoning strong evidence was obtained that the destructive process was progressive, and might progress for long periods after cessation of toxicity work with the poison; this is probably explained by persistence of the poison in the tissues. The capsules res'st the action of the gastric juice, but are rapidly dissolved "12v" by the pancreatic secretion. Into the cavity from which the hair has been drawn it is well charger to rub two per cent oleate of mercury ointment.

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But I set forth, not to array figures to change opinions, not to light a lamp to dispel gloom, but to invite attention, speaking clerically, to some of the evidences of progress that has been made in dealing with mental diseases in the first third of the present century (battery).

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