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Items of book news preis will keep readers informed on progress in the world of medical literature. He conducted a weekly clinic at the University Medical College, in New York, for many years, was the first surgeon in the United States to perform an operation for the cure of stammering, and was the inventor of several valuable surgical instruments and appliances: control. All these results indicate a power of pill research, which is especially interesting to the physiologist, and which appear to be full of promise for the future. These have now been reduced to one-place numbers and there are therefore some apparent discrepancies in depression the percentage-difference columns. If, however, they are successively injected into the veins of the same animal, they combine in the blood to form prussic holiday acid, and the animal dies as if struck by lightning. The next morning the temperature was normal and the patient felt perfectly comfortable, though there was still holland spasm and tenderness over the right kidney.