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As explanatory of a probable real connection in the pathology of these two diseases, it is becoming generally assumed that there otc is some intervening factor, or condition, that unites them.

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Beasts, birds, reptiles, and fishes of every dose description are liable to succumb to internal parasites, and there is practically no end to the variety of usefiil information to be obtained from this source. The paralytic ileus and persistent vomiting might have come from any one do of these conditions. Side - removal to a cooler climate is essential: as a general rule, it is desirable that the sufferer should not, for a long period at least, return to a hot or tropical climate, and he should be guarded against all undue exposure to heat, work, or mental anxiety of any kind. All admit that the baby must be nursed if possible; many wish to dosage prolong nursing too long. Editorials are generico signed by the authors.