Trazodone - Hence, we speak of cerebral used in a restricted sense, to signify, in other words, the train of phenomena, which characterize cerebral apoplexy.

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Hence, we speak of cerebral used in a restricted sense, to signify, in other words, the train of phenomena, which characterize cerebral apoplexy (trazodone). CRU'CIBLE, from crux, crucia,'a cross;' so in the shape of a cross, or for from having a cross fuao'riua, Tigil'lum, Alhot, Cemente'rium, (F.) Creuaet.

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Cases in which the temperature declines to normal at the close of the second week are spoken of as"aborted typhoids," the early convalescence being due to the fact that the intestinal lesions subside without on going on to ulceration. The muscles of the legs, particularly of the shelf calves.

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