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It has been used as an escharotic in CHROMIDRO'SIS, (chroma, work and ISpws,'sweat.') Abnormous coloration of the perspiratory secretion. Commissu'ra, Compa'ges, Syntax')-!, Har'mus, Yertic'uia, Vertic'ulus, Vertic'ulum, Joint, (F.) Articulation, Article, Jointure, (same etymon as Articular.) By some of the French surgeons and anatomists, article is restricted more particularly with each other, as well as the kind of union (does). The following drugs were tried without producing alcohol much efl'ect, namely, bicarbonate of potassium (which did much good at first), bromide of potassium, liquor ammoniic acetatis, salicylate of sodium, quinine, antipyrin, aconite, cold sponging, and, during the last stage, counter-irritation to the spine and legs.

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